Thursday, April 25, 2013


Reward love with loyalty and doubt with distance, the truth is, it's really never that complicated. Love dismisses your fears, doesn't cause you pain. Love doesn't betray you, dismay you or enslave you, it sets you free like no other. Most of the time the hardest choice is to keep trying after everything or to just give up, when is it enough? When do you stop? Sometimes it's better to take a step back, gain a little perspective and then chose. The thing with distance is you never you whether they're missing you, or they've forgotten you. You simply trust that things will work out or the best. Don't expect more from others because you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Expectations hurt relationships because its what you've made up in your mind things should be, other than reality. When you're brave enough to say goodbye, life greets you with a new hello.
It's never to late to have your happily ever after.

No matter how long it is, every now and then I think about you, and suddenly for a moment I can't breathe.

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