Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Celeste & Jesse 'Forever'...

proof that even the “perfect” couples aren’t perfect, and nothing lasts forever.

This film brought up mixed emotions and almost broke my heart. If I could describe my life through a movie this one might relate to the way I feel the most.

The film is about the break up and subsequent angst that comes from two people who are best friends who slowly watch their marriage fall apart and everything that follows.

Celeste and Jesse are life long friends, who after separating, decide to still be in each others life. They are so close that they hang out all the time and act like nothing happened, which their friends find weird. It starts off with them being inseparable. Its almost like a symbiotic relationship in the fact that one cannot survive without the other. Celeste depends on Jesse because it is the norm, whereas Jesse depends on Celeste in the hope that they can get back together. Each of their friends is telling them to move on.

After a night together, and an awkward morning after, Celeste leaves. Soon after she realizes that she misses Jesse, meanwhile Jesse moves on, so much so that he is having a child. This starts the decent of Celeste. The rest of the film is from her point of view. Her having to go cold turkey without him, going back on the dating scene, among other personal ghost she deals with not allowing her to move on from what she had with Jesse.

The feelings come out, with Celeste and Jesse arguing. Celeste resents having to have waited for Jesse to grow up only to never get there, that is until he met the new girl. Although Jesse changed himself dramatically to be with her he resents that Celeste pushed him away, and now blames him for their failure. Celeste is in denial about Jesse and him moving on. Ultimately she takes the blame for the relationship disintegrating and realises that she was the one to blame, and after they divorce, she realizes she would rather watch him be happy elsewhere than unhappy with her.

If we’re being honest, though, I maybe cried less at the love story and more because I recognized in Celeste the most dangerous parts of myself. The parts I’ve turned down to low, but which still crouch and flicker and stand ready to rage at all the wrong moments. The parts I’ve managed to subdue, but which my better angels haven’t yet learned how to defeat, how to drive out.

Lesson to be learned is, "Would you rather be right or be happy?

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